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Taxation Avoidance or Tax Treaty is a bilateral economic agreements  between the United States and a number of foreign countries that entitle US citizens or residents ( with dual nationalities) to be taxed at  lower rates or to be exempted from  US or foreign taxes depending on specific items of income in certain countries. Its main purpose is to avoid the problem of double taxation in two countries over the same income. An individual may be double taxed (taxed twice) for the same period, purpose, taxing authority, or for the same property.

How to apply for US Tax Residency Certification - Form 6166?

  1. File an application for the US Tax Residency Certificate - Form 8802.

  2.  The Statutory fee to request Form 6166 is $ 85.00 per application. It is advised to file your application 45 days earlier than the date, in which you are going to use the certificate.

  3. Mail your Request to the Internal Revenue Service (the IRS). The mailing address differentiates according to the payment method:


  Check Or Money Order Payments Credit Card payment
Regular US Mail Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 71052 Philadelphia,
PA 19176-6052
Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Philadelphia, PA 19255-0625
Private Courier
(FedEx, DHL, UPS)

Internal Revenue Service
2970 Market Street
Building# 3-G23.100
Philadelphia, PA 19104-5002




Authenticate US Tax Residency Certificate for Use Abroad - Form 6166:

To claim Tax Treaties benefits and to avoid Double Taxation, you must first:

  1. Apply for Certification of US Tax Residency from the IRS: Form 6166 is an electronically issued Letter that bears the Letterhead of the US Department of Treasury. It is a status proof of US Tax Residency that is used to obtain an exemption of VAT( Valued Added Tax) imposed by other countries.

  2. After you obtain Form 6166 (US Tax Residency Certification), you have to apostille or authenticate the form in order to be eligible for use abroad. This service can be expedited from the US Department of State in Washington DC using the services of US legalization. From the table below, click on the country, in which the Form 6166 will be used in. Choose case "Documents issued by Federal Entity" to see complete information about fees and turnaround time.



Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan
Bangladesh Bermuda Cyprus Czech Rep.
Egypt Finland France Georgia
Iceland India Ireland Israel
Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
NewZealand Norway Pakistan Portugal
Sri Lanka Slovenia S. Africa Spain
Thailand Tunisia Turkmenistan Turkey
Barbados Belarus Belgium Bulgaria
Canada China Denmark Estonia
Germany Greece Hungary Indonesia
Italy Japan Kazakhstan Korea, South
Mexico Moldova Morocco Netherlands
Philippines Romania Russia Slovak Rep.
Sweden Switzerland Trinidad Tobago
Ukraine UK Uzbekistan Venezuela

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